ગુજરાતી કવિઓ ગુજરાતી ગીત-કવિતા ગુજરાતી વેબસાઇટ્સ ગુજરાતી ગઝલ ભજન-કિર્તન લેખ-નિબંધ અન્ય સાહિત્ય કવિલોક બ્લોગ

ગુજરાતીમાં ટાઇપ કરવું છે? ચાલો તમને પાંચ મિનીટમાં શીખવાડી દઉં.

Typing Gujarati Fonts or Hindi Fonts on your Computer
Page 1

I always thought it was very difficult to type Gujarati or Hindi on my computer. Even more difficult thing was to be able to share Gujarati or Hindi typed items with friends and family. However the truth is- it is pretty easy to use Windows XP (you must have Windows XP) for typing in Gujarati or Hindi. Thanks to Bill Gates and Microsoft, there is extensive support for Indic Indian languages on XP. Thanks to Siddharth Shah too who directed me to Dhaval Shah's homepage for detailed instructions.

On the next five pages I am going to try to make it simple for you to enable Gujarati on your desktop so now travel with me for 5 minutes. If you are a lover of Gujarati like me, I am sure you will jump in your chair with joy when you see Gujarati on your desktop. Enjoy your installation journey. At the bottom of each page, you will see link to the next set up step.

Important note: You will need to reboot your computer during this process. So don't lose this page. Put it in your Favorites list. (Hint: The short cut to add the current page to your favorites- press CTRL+D)

Step 1: Go to Languages Options window.

Indian B2b


Click here to go to Page 2 for Online Language Setup tutorial for Gujarati and Hindi on your computer.